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  • Balance and Movement

  • Bonding

  • Sensory Awareness

  • Developmental Play

  • Tummy Time

  • Rhythm

  • Language and Communication

Baby Yoga offers play and introduces your baby to movement, stretches and exploring their bodies

Baby Yoga Swindon


  • Baby-led

  • Parent stretches and poses

  • Fun & Engaging

  • Relaxed (no pressure if you're running late)

  • Themed

  • Experimentation with different sensory play

  • Focus on post-natal parents

  • Nurture loving relationships

  • Encourage friendships with other parents

Baby Sensory Play classes

“Play supports children's brains to grow, develop resilience and learn how to interact with the world and people within it" Carly Budd

Baby Yoga Swindon

You Receive

  • Refreshments every week (usually homemade bakes)

  • Lots of time to just ‘be’

  • Routines to practice at home

  • Downloadable song words from the class

  • A Complete guide to baby yoga booklet

  • Invitation to a private class WhatsApp and a nestle and nurture private Facebook group

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“When we talk to and play with baby, we promote learning and positive behaviour in childhood, and physical and emotional health in later life” Dr. Andrew Macnab

Baby Yoga Class Locations, Wiltshire


baby development wiltshire

Baby yoga includes yoga inspired poses for parents too, to help strengthen their post-natal body. Parents are nurtured and learn to nourish their body through gentle stretches and breathing exercises.

Postnatal exercise

Baby Yoga promotes communication and bonding between parent and baby.

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