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Birth Trauma & Fertility Support

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Resolution focused support to help you move forward at whatever stage of your journey. I am passionate that people should know that there is support to help you reach a more fulfilling life. I believe that everyone of us has a different back story, and so therefore each journeys different and should be treated individually with compassion.

Birth Trauma resolution

Fertility Support 

 This may be because you are struggling to cope with miscarriage and loss, or it may be because of the stressful, medicalised process of IVF, or it might be because infertility is causing problems in your relationship.

I offer a providing a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment for you to safely feel held and listened to. 




We will be working with grounding techniques, journaling, mindfulness, relaxation techniques and a solution focused approach to allow you to release any anxiety, fear or negative emotions. 

 Aims of the session will be to


  • Challenge any limiting beliefs that may be causing you stress, pressure or forming a barrier.

  • Work on self-esteem or self-confidence that may negatively be impacting your journey with infertility

  • Take a look at lifestyle factors that might be causing pressure, tension or stress.

  • Discuss any previous trauma that is being re-triggered by the process

  • Look at how current trauma caused by infertility. Miscarriage, invasive medical treatment, or unsuccessful IVF treatments are all examples of the ongoing trauma of being unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy naturally. 

I aim for you to feel

  • Clarity

  • Relief

  • An opportunity for your thoughts and feelings to be acknowledged. 

Please get in touch to find out more and be able to move forward positively in your journey 


Do you feel you are struggling with fertility?

Birth Reflections Support- Moving forward from a difficult or traumatic birth

You may have had a traumatic or challenging birth and want to talk about with someone that doesn't know you. 

It may be something that is preventing you from bonding with your baby or enjoy your time as a new mother.

I want you to know that these thoughts are valid- I've been there. I had a traumatic birth and found talking to a stranger and unpicking what happened, hugely helpful and literally lifted the weight of my birth from me.

I was able to move forward and talk about my birth without feeling triggered. 

What are causes of a challenging or traumatic birth? 

A situation leading to fear of maternal death.
· Fear of the baby dying.
· A long and difficult labour.
· A short intense labour.
· Loss of volition – an act of making a choice or decision.
· Feelings of having lost control of their birth.
· Feeling humiliated.
· Lack of privacy or dignity.
· Pain being dismissed.
· Lack of information and feelings of not knowing what is happening to you.
· Inadequate labour and delivery care.
· Staff incompetence.
· Staff indifference.
· Inappropriate staff comments.
· Neglect – being left on their own.
· Lack of continuity of care.
· Feeling invisible / unheard.
· When an emergency situation arises suddenly.
· High levels of medical intervention.
· Non-consensual intervention.
· Feeling trapped and unable to escape from the situation.
· Stillbirth
· Birth of a sick or damaged baby.
· Poor postnatal care.
· Previous trauma (miscarriage, multiple failed IVF treatments, previous sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, previous bad birth experience, previous bad experience in a hospital). A woman is also at risk if she has witnessed the listed traumas happening to family members / friends, or even on television.


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What are common signs of PTSD or perinatal trauma?

  • Feeling detached/ numb

  • Angry

  • Lack of concentration

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • lack of concentration

  • Nightmares 

  • Flashbacks

  • Intrusive thoughts 

N.B not exclusive

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