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Hey lovely!

I'm here to help you change what gets in your way of you living the life you want.

I work with your brain to help you change old habits and create new patterns and behaviours. I use a range of techniques including hypnosis, EFT, self-directed neural plasticity.

  • Stop bad habits

  • Over -come fear

  • Start something new

  • Gain confidence

  • Experience how they want to feel


It might be something you're procrastinating on…

Or a habit that you're trying to change like….

Or something you're scared about..

Or something you want to start…

Or something you're sad or angry about and want to shift...

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Cravings

  • Toxic Relationships

  • Career Change

  • Low Confidence

  • Feeling lost


Change in you

  • At the core who you really are & what makes you feel happy.This will help you with making decisions that will bring more joy in all areas of your life.


Change beliefs

  • About who you thought you were and what you’re capable of.

  • Feel different as a mother, build better relationships & friendships, experience more self-compassion


Be empowered to;

  • Respond to your nervous system, with self directed neural plasticity.

  • Recognise the signs of fear, overwhelm & burnout- being able to stop this with easy tools.


Create positive habits

  • Stop people pleasing, perfectionism and procrastination

  • Gain more confidence, energy and time.


-A safe space to be yourself

-Time for just you

-Compassion and experience

-Neural coaching techniques that work

-An opportunity to work at your own pace


I’m not a traditional coach and this session will go beyond a deep conversation. I use a range of modalities and resources that I feel with support you most with changing a behaviour. I will also teach you how to make changes yourself so that you can fully embrace transition in and outside of sessions.

Achieving impact is what I’m good at- I’m passionate about people who want more and want better but don’t know where to start. `I have a soft spot for mothers as I understand what a huge transition and nearly impossible job motherhood is.

“Encouraging women to stop making themselves fit in, to stop suppressing their aspirations and stop holding themselves back from pursuing their dreams”

This is not therapy- change work happens very quickly and I don’t want you to waste your time or money on lots of sessions only discussing your issues. I will hold the space for you and guide you to figure things out, but this is also about finding the trigger and creating a new resource, so you can move forward and witness change immediately.

I have coached people all over the world and I have been coached and still am using this method on myself- it really works.


Sessions are playful, impactful and I give you tools that help you effectively respond to your own unconsciousness.

I always offer a free discovery call to help answer any questions about how `I can help you personally.

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