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Introduction to Hypnobirthing

Just as it's important to plan for birth and do the research, I always encourage my clients to find out about me. Your birth is the most important event of your life and I want you to feel as positive about how hypnobirthing  works, as I do. Any investment is always worth making sure you are confident and happy with handing over your time and money. I want you to be super confident that this is for you. I know that it will really change your mindset about birth and I really want you to meet me to find out who I am and how we can work together.  

FREE Introduction to Hypnobirthing zoom call

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This FREE session is approximately 30 minutes long. We will discuss what hypnobirthing is, how it can help you to eliminate any fear about birthing and feel excited about your birth. We will discuss anything that is  personal to your pregnancy and birth and discuss how you can prepare for a calm and positive birth.

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