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Freeze the Fear with Hypnobirthing

Updated: May 5, 2022

How BBC One's new reality show demonstrates how powerful the mind really is.

How does Hypnobirthing and controlling the mind help in birth?

I never watch terrestrial TV except when I can't be bothered to change the Chanel, so when I stumbled upon BBCs Freeze the Fear by accident, I became hooked. The more I watched, I recognised the similarities with hypnobirthing. The techniques and approaches the celebrities were being taught, I realised were exactly the same skills I have used with my pregnant couples in preparation for birth.

What exactly is hypnobirthing?

It is an approach to childbirth with allows a woman to use various techniques, such as breathing, visualisation and affirmations to remain in a calm and controlled state. It teaches a person to work with their body and remain in control of their mind. It is learning that we have a lot more power in birth than we are lead to believe and it is about owning our birth, as opposed to letting birth 'happen to us'.

So how does this relate to the Hof method?

The focus is all about reconnecting us to ourselves and focusing within. It is about shutting off all the outside noise - both literally and metaphorically. Allowing you to trust your mind and the potential it has to control your body's experience. Through using breath work, focus and fortitude, you will achieve a harmonious relationship of the body and mind.

How does the Hof method relate to birth?

Through being able to remain in control of your mind and body through birth, it allows you to remain empowered and calm.

Your body knows exactly what it needs to do to deliver your baby and it is usually your limbic system (part of the brain that controls our emotional and behavioural responses) which is responsible for the fear and pain response many women can experience.

Celebrities including Patrice Evra, Professor Green and Gabby Logan are exposed to facing their fears, which is centred around the freezing cold (and we're not talking about a cold day in the UK). They have to endure and overcome experiences of freezing water, ice and abseiling down sheer ice drops.

How does 'Freeze the Fear relate to a Calm Birth?

Each time the celebrities overcome their fear of emerging themselves in the freezing cold, they evolve as 'kick ass', energised and empowered individuals. This is exactly what hypnobirthing sets out to do. Preparing you to manage and control your body, through your mind; to be able to work through whatever birth scenario is presented to you and to have an inner self -belief that you really are a superhero.

Hypnobirthing really can work for you and I promise you do not have to emerge yourself in sub-zero temperatures.

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