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Private Baby Massage Classes in Marlborough and within Wiltshire


Baby Massage is the most beautiful bonding experience; you will be surrounded in a love bubble of oxytocin

  • Soothe, Settle and Sleep

  • Relaxation for you and Baby

  • Strengthen Baby's immune system

  • Provide relief for wind, teething and congestion

  • Learning how to respond and bond to Baby

  • Empowering you to learn your Baby's cues

  • Improves your mental health

You will laugh and smile with your baby and come away feeling blessed to be a parent. You will also meet like-minded parents, who can offer support and friendship on this beautiful journey.

Baby massage classes Devizes
  • Baby-led

  • Chilled and relaxed (no pressure if you're running late)

  • Focused on your wellbeing and baby's

  • Experimentation with different senses for baby

  • Focus on post-natal parents

  • Nurture loving relationships

  • Encourage friendships with other parents

Baby massage classes Swindon
You Receive
baby massage gift package
  • Gift package including organic massage oil

  • Full body massage routine videos

  • Work booklet for Baby Massage

  • Work booklet for Tummy Time

  • Lots of time to just ‘be’ and connect

  • FREE massage routine for colic 

bonding with baby

"For me, the best part of the nestle and nurture baby massage class has been the time with other mothers and the reassurance and understanding that comes with talking and listening. I’ve also loved the homemade treats Louise makes each week, the photographs of me massaging my son & the general feeling of love and welcoming you get as you arrive is like a weekly ‘well-needed hug’ also the ‘mummy well-being’ bag Louise gave out on session 1 had a mini notebook for your daily gratitudes- I’ve used this every day since!

Louise’s attention to detail is super cute! Everything has been considered and is thoughtful, like the massage oil is from an independent lady with super ethics, the photo backdrop and final session photos are lush, the WhatsApp chat allows us to make friends or meet for coffee after class, the empowering poem or passage read aloud at the end of class, the mummy warm-up stretches, and … did I mention the homemade flapjack!!!

For me, this class has run parallel to a particularly tricky stage for my Son and the advice Louise went above and beyond to provide made the class so much more than a baby massage class! She’s such a fountain of knowledge in all things ‘motherhood’ and her warmth and caring nature for each of us is brilliant.
If you can make time and get in before the classes book up - DO IT! I can’t recommend Louise enough, I’m sure what every class she runs it’ll be worth every penny and minute you invest - it sure was for us 

Emma xx

Baby Massage.png
  • Baby Massage has been around for hundreds of years and is used across the world to help welcome babies, allowing them to feel emotionally secure and soothed.

  • Babies need human interaction to thrive and massage can help babies to release tension and stress that may arise from having to adapt to life outside of the womb. 

  • It is an amazing way to learn about your baby’s cues, so that you are more confident in responding to their needs.

  • Each week we will cover a different part of the body and re-cap each week, so that if you miss a session you will not miss out. 

Bonding with baby

These sessions are completely bespoke and great for 1-1.

 You may

  • Be struggling with colic or reflux and the thought of leaving the house makes you feel anxious

  • Want to be able to fit in the life skill of baby massage into your busy schedule and me coming to you works better

  • Have a group of friends/ NCT group that you would like to learn and spend time together

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