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Hypnobirthing Course in Marlborough, Wiltshire & Online


Honest and informative birth preparation for a Calm & Positive Birth.

Hypnobirthing in marlborough and Wiltshire

I’d like to start by saying
Huge Congratulations 
on your pregnancy and welcome
to the best club ever

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Birth Class Options

  • Pregnancy Relaxation online -FREE
  • Birth Space- 1.5hr Bespoke Session £80
  • The Essential Hypnobirthing- a whistle stop tour of hypnobirthing techniques £150
  • Group Course (in person)- Full Antenatal Hypnobirthing Course £260
  • Group Course (online)- Full Antenatal Hypnobirthing Course £220
  • Bespoke Private Course £350
  • Birth & Beyond- A bespoke 6 week support, helping you prepare emotionally & physically for your baby. £444

Nestle and Nurture is all about ensuring that your birth story is the best it can be. This is the most important day of you and your baby's life and I want your journey into parenthood to start from a positive experience. Hypnobirthing classes in Marlborough and Wiltshire and online are here to help you plan your journey into parenthood

How does Hypnobirthing really work?

You'll be surprised to hear that hypnobirthing is actually an antenatal course, common -sense and practical approach to giving birth. Think of it like a treasure chest of antenatal information, practice and techniques. You will learn all about the physiology of birth- what will happen to your body in all stages of labour and how to respond to it. You will cover every aspect of late pregnancy, birth and fourth trimester from a practical and an emotional point of view. Each week will be jam-packed with content, techniques for you to apply and scenarios to consider. There is literally nothing that is left uncovered and you will enter birth feeling excited and empowered. 

Group Class

“When a Baby is born, so is a Mother"

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is
  • Choice

  • Empowerment

  • Birth education

  • Being prepared for the unexpected

  • For ALL births

Hypnobirthing is NOT
  • Vagina whispering

  • A hypnotising show

  • Being out of control

  • For people who only want a home birth

  • Guaranteed drug-free birth ​

Pool Birth - Hypnobirthing in Wiltshire

Hypnobirthing Courses in Marlborough, Wiltshire and online

All Full Courses are complete antenatal education, with all hypnobirthing techniques. You can choose from the following

  • Private

  • Group Course

  • Refresher

  • Intensive

Course  Content-  Full Antenatal Courses in person or online

  • Antenatal education -before, during and after birth
  • The science behind your pregnant body and your baby’s too.
  • Understand the physiology of birth or abdominal birth.
  • Learn how to be able to relax in both pregnancy and your birth
  • Learn how to create the nest environment for a calm birth
  • Learn how to be able to make informed decisions and navigate around unexpected turns.
  • Know what to include in your birth preferences
  • Know how to allow for optimal positioning for a shorter birth
  • Understand the role and importance of the birth partner
  • Know how to maximise bonding when baby arrives


What does a Full Hypnobirthing Course include?

  • 6 hours antenatal education- Group Course, Private session

  • Information and Resources on all things Pregnancy & Birth- related.

  • A Gift Bag containing The Calm Birth School book by Suzy Ashworth amongst other treats! (Full Course only)

  • Access to the downloadable affirmation & relaxation MP3s.

  • Access to the exclusive Calm Birth School facebook group which offers support & guidance throughout your pregnancy & has a wealth of lovely birth stories for you to enjoy.

  • Me at the end of the phone!

  • Check out reviews for my hypnobirthing courses in Marlborough, Wiltshire and online.

Recommended from 20 weeks


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The refresher course was wonderful. I felt so comfortable with Louise. After freaking out during labour with my first (and refusing to do Hypnobirthing because I thought it was nonsense) I decided to give it a go with my second. It was revolutionary. I had my second son - a 10lb baby - in 3 hours with no medication at all and as my husband said ‘It was as if I wasn’t even in the room’. It was incredible. My third was a home north, again amazing.
My reason for doing the refresher is we have changed hospitals and moved house. I needed to feel calm, ready and happy to go into labour with my fourth child, which I do. Highly recommend!


Hypnobirthing Client in Wiltshire

"Motherhood gave me my purpose"

My own personal experience of four births, has allowed me to experience every birth scenario possible and I have learnt so much along the way which I’m ready to pass on. Before I discovered hypnobirthing, I experienced a traumatic birth, a precipitous birth and felt that birth was something that happened to me. I am incredibly passionate about hypnobirthing and I chose to train using The Calm Birth Method because I believe it is the hypnobirthing method that priorities birth education, wellbeing and inclusivity, which then allows a woman to make her own choices.

Positive birth - Hypnobirthing in Wiltshire
  • Vaginal Birth

  • C-section

  • Induction

  • IVF

  • Multiple Births

For ALL Types of Birth


Are You Ready to ...

  •  Feel empowered to birth and your birth partner

  •  Know that your birth partner is confident feel to support you in any possible scenario.

  • Come away with skills and techniques that you can use as a parent once your baby is earth side.

  • To meet other pregnant couples and become part a community of other parents-to-be.


   Making a difference, 
one birth at a time

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