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Practice Coaching

Hey There!

Really looking forward to our upcoming session. Please could you read the information below before the session. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me on

Please be aware that these are designed as practice sessions- so try not to bring your biggest trauma to the session.

Bring 1-2 things that you would like to do some change work around and see if you can find a specific moment that triggers this feeling or "problem" that you want to change. Lets say as an example, that you feel anxious about public speaking. Remembering back to the last time you presented in public , see what stands out, is it seeing everyones faces?, something in the room you are in?, something someone says? etc. Trying to find what stood out in that moment right before you felt the anxiety kicking in. Please don't worry if you can't find exact things beforehand we will work on this together as well. 

Please note- This session hasn't the same setup as a therapy session where we talk things through and going deep that way. Rather we will find the trigger without going into to much specifics around the background or source of the topic. Due to this I might ask you to pause and interrupt a bit when you talk about what you want to work on. 

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